Intel Ultrabook and Ivy bridge Launch

Hey guys, we are here now at Radisson Blue for Intel's Ultrabook and Ivy Bridge Cebu Launch! Be prepared to see what's new with intel!

The Third Generation Processors already have 22nm wafers and uses 3D Trigate Transistor Technology.

Say WHAT???

Well basically, it allows you to consume lesser electricity and produce more POWER per square "nanometer".

Still not Clear?

Let's put it this way, everything is getting smaller. What used to be the size of an elephant in the 90's is now the size of a mouse here in 2012 but still having the same strength level or even more than that of an elephant.

This can be clearly seen in the laptops above. These are called ULTRABOOKS. THIN AND LIGHT and still as powerful as your CLUNKY POWERHOUSE Laptops. They also consume less power. Imagine a total USE time of atleast 5 hours. That's more than enough time to get a lot of things done out in the field with lots of room for a coffee break in between. Standby Time of up to 15 DAYS! Whoah!

Of Course, the ultimate goal of INTEL is to make a laptop as powerful as your DESKTOP at home. After today's demonstration we can clearly see that they are getting there.

Moore's Law in full effect and right on Schedule at INTEL HQ.

Since I have already mentioned the KEY VISIBLE benefits.

They added more!
- 22% Performance BOOST from the second gen processors
- 2x Better Media Graphics which allows for very Respectable GAMING on Intel Graphics HD 4000 INTEGRATED GPU.
- MULTI-MONITOR Support from the built-in GPU

Here was a demonstration of an ACER Ultrabook running BATMAN ARKHAM ASYLUM. I was very Impressed.

Here is a slide on their presentation showing multiple monitors from its built in graphics Card.

Transcoding. A lot of us nowadays do a lot of video uploading/sharing every now and then. We also see ourselves converting these videos for easier uploading/sharing. This process is called Transcoding. Ivy bridge allows us to do this FASTER, WAY Faster than ever before.

They actually demonstrated to us live the transcoding of video file.
SOFTWARE USED: CYBERLINK Media Expression Software

System 1:
First Core i7 with an NVIDIA Card
TIME CONSUMED: 00:01:04s

System 2:
Third Gen Core i7 on Ivy Bridge with built in INTEL HD 4000 GPU.
Time Consumed: 00:00:10s

WOW! They also promise vast improvements in rendering department. Can't wait to test that myself!

Now for Security:
- A lot of us are probably familiar with Apple's Mobilme Security functions which allow you to Disable and Wipe your mobile devices via Internet. Well, Intel has now implemented this to all IVY bridge users via an online Service.

If someone were to steal your ultrabook, you can then go to another PC, access your Intel Online Anti Theft account and "wipe" your device or "Lock" it. When the ultrabook goes online, it will then automatically lock up the whole system rendering it useless. Even if they open it up and use the hard drive on another computer, it will still be rendered useless. The great thing is, if you happen to be able to retrieve back your Hard drive, you will then be able to open it up again with just simple account connection.

Intel promises more functions in the future like GPS tracking of some sort, they say it is in the works as future ultrabooks will most likely have GPS built-in.

On the BUSINESS SIDE of things.
I love the special add-ons they have on IVY Bridge for those of you looking for the benefits on the Business side.

- Detailed USB Locking system. I can see that many Internet cafe owners and office IT departments will be very happy with this. Previously, via third party applications you can disable/enable USB drives. Implementing this allowed cafe owners to switch off their USB ports to avoid virus being passed around. The problem with this is, all your USB devices would also get cut-off, like USB Mice, Card readers, Hubs etc.. With Intel's technology, it allows you to configure the security function. You can now disable certain flash drives and allow other, like your own personal one to be used at the same time, allow other USB devices to work blocking only certain, if not, all flash drives. Amazing huh?

- Scheduling System Maintenance. Yah Yah, what's new you may ask? This has been around for a long time. Well apparently not. On an IVY Bridge system You may also schedule system maintenance or system updates on the WEEEE HOURS of the morning while you are asleep.

Oh, did I mention You can SHUT OFF your PC while at it? The system UPDATE/MAINTENANCE will turn on your PC and let them do their thing and turn it off after. Jaw-dropping huh? You save a lot of electricity and time with this function. It ensures that you have an updated/well-maintained PC with you everytime you use it!

Well that's about it for now. Let me end with this quick interview I did with these guys from INTEL. Make sure to watch until the end of the video and FIND OUT how you can WIN and ULTRABOOK from their SM ROADSHOW!

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