iPad 3 - Should you make the resolutionary upgrade? MyTechisland recommendations.

Retina Display, 5mp Camera and A better processor mostly sums up the
new iPad 3.. Is it worth the upgrade?

I have split up my recommendations into three categories:

To those without an iPad or iPad 1 users.- Yes, definitely, iPad is a
great piece of hardware that can now almost substitute the Laptop, get
one if you don't have one or if you have the old and slow iPad 1.

To those with an iPad 2 only - YES, the camera of the iPad 2 is
crappy, not within apple standards at all. The retina display will
change the way you look at the digital world forever.  It will be so
worth it.

To those with an iPad 2 and an iPhone 4s -  Well basically I am also
in this category.  The iPhone 4s,more or less has everything the iPad
3 has but on a smaller screen.  So, basically, it leaves me with
wanting to have the Giant Retina Display.  Is that enough reason to
upgrade? As a gadgeteer and an enthusiast? Yes, one has to have the
latest right? As a photographer, yes, editing those photos imported
from your DSLR would be just delightful and probably eliminate the
need to bring a laptop on those outdoor trips.  To those regular
users, NO.  You already have what you need on the iPad 2 and 4S, save
your craving for the iPhone 5 or iPad 4.

I was really expecting, well hoping that the rumor would be true about
the 7", but it ain't. I would have fully recommended this to Iphone 4s
and iPad 2 owners and this is a totally new category to have and would
be essential in so many ways.

Well, if you do have the extra cash, none of this matters, just go ahead and buy it :-) 

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