Intel's Performance Turning Plan a.k.a. Insurance for Suicide Runs

Overclockers rejoice. Intel has introduced what seems like an insurance policy for overclockers who love suicide runs. For the non-technical; a suicide run is an overclock attempt beyond the processor's rated specifications for a short period of time, all for the sake of benching. This ordeal is very risky for the processor, your run the risk of killing it due to insane voltages being added into it which is not uncommon for suicide runs.

This time however, one can relax as Intel would replace the processor (one-time), no questions ask. Unfortunately, this only covers the top tiered processors aimed for enthusiasts.

Core i5-2500K - $20
Core i7-2600K - $25
Core i7-2700K - $25
Core i7-3930K - $35
Core i7-3960X - $35

For more details, head out to Intel's official site for more details.

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