The Google Bar Hack

If you're a heavy Google Apps (GMail, Google Reader, YouTube, Analytics, G+, etc.) user like myself, there's something good coming our way. The annoying bar at the top is going to be replaced with a drop-down list in from the Google logo in the left hand side. This is already rolled out to U.S. users and our region will follow suit in a few weeks  but if you want to enable it now, just follow the instructions below. 

  1. Download Edit this Cookie extension for Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox
  2. Go to and click the Edit This Cookie extension. 
  3. Open the PREF field and paste the following: 


  4. Submit and refresh the page. This will apply across all Google domains.

To revert the changes, simply clear cache and you're all done. If you like this, please press the 'Like', '+1' or 'Tweet' button below. 


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